Medicine Face Aesthetics

Medicine Face Aesthetics

Wrinkle Filling


Instant and painless rejuvenation without surgery.

An aesthetic and natural result is achieved using hyaluronic acid.

By means of this material is reabsorvible will fill in wrinkles in order to keep up with the surcs in their environment in depth. This technique gives us very rewarding results (as you can see in the pictures) and very natural.

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Muscular Relaxation


Rejuvenation improving the expression.

For this treatment it is used a natural protein.

“Vistabel” for treating expression lines caused by repeated muscle contractions, such as “crow’s feet” (from laughing), “frown lines” (from anger expressions), “forehead lines” (from showing surprise). The result is incredible and very natural.

There are new applications for the toxin on the lower third of the face for treating “gummy smile” problems; when the person smiles or laughs gums are shown making the smile less attractive. The results, once the orthodontic treatment has concluded, are very good.

It can also be used to successfully treat hyperhidrosis or excess axillary or palmar-plantar sweating.

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Recover your youthful look, remodelling the facial shape.

Flaccidity treatment.

  • Polyactic acid is most commonly used. It stimulates the formation of new collagen in the face.
  • That technique can give us facial volume and younger face

This can be combined with other treatments such as bio-revitalisation, facial bio-stimulation, laser filling materials for facial rejuvenation, among others.

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Silhouette Soft

Are stitches of polilàctic acid, reabsorbable who don’t need no incisions or points to be colocades, only local anesthesia. It is an outpatient procedure that creates a fully structure and stimulation of collagen, so that it can be combined with other techniques to improve the ptosis of the skin, reducing the signs of age so very natural.

This technique is very effective and performs in 2 time: 1) creates tension vectors (mimicking the lifting) 2) stimulates the patient’s own natural collagen to keep the long-term treatment.

This tool against looseness can be combined with the fillers and/or sculptra, because each of these techniques have their indications and unique characteristics.

We offer the possibility to take a course in clinic saurina, to treat all possible threads tensors.

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Facial Mesotherapy

hydrating and illuminating your face.

Technique for rejuvenating (facial bioflash) the face, neck, chest and back of the hands (Bio revitaliv).

It consists of painless microinjections of vitamins, minerals and oligo-elements that stimulate and tone the skin on the face, neck, chest and back of hands.

RIt restores mature skin and leads to skin repair after laser or surgical treatments, giving the face a more glowing and healthy appearance.

– The technique of magic threads or threads of PDO show very good results, along with the combination of amino acids and Mesotherapy. So we get a young, bright, and we raise the skin fall, as a result of the flaccidity.

– Is also used in combination of hyaluronic acid Crosslinking not the dermis to hydrate before and after the summer, causing the increase of elasticity and tonicity of the skin, to avoid the formation of wrinkles to the drying out of the skin.

To rejuvenate face, neck, upper chest and back of the hands Bio-revitaliv.

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Medical Peelings


This removes the dead skin and rejuvenates it, unifying the colour and texture.It consists on the application of fruit acids to the skin to create the renewal of the surface layers, giving a glow to dull skin and recovering its luminosity.

It is ideal for cases of photoaging of the skin, age and sun spots, acne, open pores… Continuing the cosmetic treatment at home is recommended.

Depigmentation treatments:

Based on at-home peelings and cosmetic treatments later combined with laser.

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