Endopeel o retensioning skin

Endopeel or retightening the skin is a technique designed by Dr. Alain Tenenbaum, a pioneer and innovator in the field of aesthetics, introducing the possibility of conservative elevation, thus avoiding more aggressive surgical procedures.

The technique attempts contarrestar the aging effect of muscle fibers, which due to the stresses suffered throughout the years,

DAMON congress

Dr. Saurina and Dr. Ribot attended during orthodontic DAMON presented by Dr. Perera, world leader in this technology.

Throughout the day proved the superiority of innovation that brings DAMON compared to conventional techniques,

  • Less treatment time
  • Comfort during treatment
  • More satisfying for expandability (DAMON smile)
  • Reduces the need for extractions
  • Visits to the dentist more spaced
  • Orthodontics is not based only on the dental occlusion,

Dental aesthetic course

Dr. Dr. M. Assumption Saurina. Enric Ribot participated in this dissatbe April 16 in Barcelona theoretical and practical course taught by SCOE upgrade in cosmetic dentistry.

The course was mainly based on proportions and diagnosis of dental smile, and revision of recent studies on ceramic veneers on aesthetic front.



International Congress of Oral Implantologists

El Dr. Enric de Ribot va participar a l’international congress of oral implantologists (ICOI), organitzat a Barcelona aquest març-abril del 2016,  defensant el seu póster científic “Current trends in peri-implantitis: literature review and case presentation”.

El tema va ser d’interès general, degut a l’actualitat que representa la peri-implantitis en la problemàtica clínica i el grau de incertesa que aporta,

Formació Ellanse i direcció clínica

Clínica Saurina ha assistit al llarg d’aquesta setmana del 8 de febrer a dos cursos de formació diferents.

En primer lloc potenciant la disciplina de medicina estètica la doctora Saurina va participar en el congrés de Ellansé: “Meeting de metges experts en medicina estètica a passeig de gràcia de Barcelona”, on es va fer una posta en comú dels tractaments més avançats per combatre la flaccidesa facial sense cirurgia amb una combinació de estimulació del col·làgen amb Ellansé i fils tensors d’àcid polilàctic.

Specialists on Silhouette Soft in Girona

silhouette soft is a reabsorbable suture composed of polillactic acid, used in facial treatments to resolve the flaccidity caused by gravity forces and collagen worsening. The forces that we give by the reabsorbable suture, can counteract the slack forces, using upper vectors. And the polillactic acid, at the same time, stimulates  the own collagen from the patient.