Gynecoesthetic congress

Gynecoesthetics or surgery for women

intimate breast and genital surgery

Dr. Anna Gironès and Marcet participated in the gynecological and intimate surgery sessions at the Teknon Barcelona medical center, taking part in the innovative and demanding profile in training that Clínica Saurina boasts.

The congress was focused on breast augmentation and reduction, coinciding with many points of the Saurian philosophy, both in natural and harmonic proportions, with a personalized approach and surgery to each patient, as well as in a post-operative follow-up. In addition Clínica Saurina to relieve postoperative and improve healing is an expert in neural therapy, which allows us to offer a plus to our patients.

Female genital surgery, is already very present and rooted in our society, and Clínica Saurina already participated years ago, seeing an increase in demand we have specialized in the sector. Our experience is extensive and we master many of the present techniques, working with the best materials and knowledge.


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