Hair implant surgery

Hair Implant Surgery

Hair Transplant

Androgenic alopecia, better known as hair loss, is not an illness and above all is caused by two things:

  • Genes
  • Excess of male hormones (androgens)
    At the back and sides of the head, the hair does not fall out because it is genetically conditioned to grow throughout a person’s life.

There is only one really effective solution: the transplant of hair using mini-grafts and micro-grafts:

This comprises of grafts of follicular units (of 1 to 3 hair follicles) selected from the donor area (side or back of the head) that are placed in micro-orifices in the bald area. As they are taken from an area with a genetic coding that makes them grow throughout life, the transplanted hair will not fall out.

Impantació Capilar

Entering in the surgical management of alopecia, Shabbir Clinic offers two possibilities before the acquisition of folículs, so that the patient will enjoy a wider margin of decision depending on the needs and priorities of the same:

1.    FUSS (Follicular Unit Strip Surgery):

  • You get a strip of 1-1.5 cm wide and the length according to the need of the posterolateral area of the scalp. Will withdraw the points in 10-12 days.
  • The Strip will work under a microscope to make the grafts follicular units. (some 10.000 hairs)
  • As a result it is a thin scar in this area which aesthetically is invisible, the only limit is in those patients who are rasurin to 0, then may register a change of tonality of the skin.
  • Prior to transplantation (1 month – 15 days) you will need to do exercises in the scalp, to improve the elasticity, thus reducing the scar in the future, it will be virtually nil.

2.    FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction):

  • By using a small punch (cylindrical scalpel) less than 1 mm in diameter, you get one by one the grafting of follicular units.
  • Leave a scar, which is not significant although the patient is rasurés.
  • The disadvantage of this technique gives to the FUSS technique, is that in this we get a lesser amount of folículs. (3,500 hairs)

The transplant involves the realization of microincisions with bisturins to contain the woolly folícul, determining the density, direction and very high.

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