Cosmetic Dental

Cosmetic Dental

Aesthetics applied to odontology covers all the treatments that aim to correct the imperfections that make us feel insecure when we smile.

We have combined the dental veneer technique with composite stratification which enables us to change the colour, position and form of the tooth without filing it.

We use the zoom technique, which activates the peroxide using light and gives an immediate result at the clinic followed by a course of at-home whitening using bleaching trays to improve the stability of the treatment.

These improve the aesthetics that the metal core gives. The non-metal crown gives a certain opacity to the colour. They are made of reinforced ceramic using zirconium structures. Zircon is a latest technology ceramic material characterised by its incomparable stability, bio-compatibility and resistance. It combines an excellent aesthetic with an extremely precise fitting.

In Saurina’s Clinic, it has been incorporated the new “snap-on simle” technique in order to transform the smile. It is important to stress that it is the first and unique technique which is non-invasive, economic and completely reversible in which in two weeks, it can make you feel better with your smile and your life. The process is faster and painless and miles of patients from over the world have already experimented the profits of “Snap-on smile”.

The “snap-on smile technique” is brace made of an especial resin very thin but extremely strong and resistant to the “tinction” wich simply fits in and out the natural teeth of the patient. It can be used during years (permanent) or provisional but in any circumstance its not detached and dropped. It is a personalized technique and you can eat on it. The “Snap-on Smile” offers a simple solution which can change the life of the almost patients for all the ages. Those who have piled up or stained teeth, those who have no pieces or have a considerable space between teeth, those who are not candidate for bridges, those who are subjected a whole mouth reconstruction, or an implants procedures. Either patients who want avoid anaesthesia or turbine, or those who simply want a fast solution.

Therefore, we invite you to visit our Clinic and know which advanced techniques we offer in order to improve and stand out your smile.

Using passive self-anchoring, it makes use of the advantages of using a bracket that is more mobile due to the lower level of friction improving the sliding mechanics.

The low forces of the Damon system together with the passively fixed brackets work more harmoniously with the biology of each patient (conserving the periodontal tissue).

As a result of using this technique, wider smiles are obtained, reducing the need for extractions and surgery, in a way that improves the support of the lips by renewing the aesthetics and rejuvenating the patient’s appearance.

The determining factors that we base on this treatment for each type of case include: facial aesthetics, sensible orthodontic diagnosis and substantally the dental health of the patient.

Invisaling ® is an orthodontic’s technique which is totally invisible, invisalign ® can rectificate our dental problems (position) without brakets.

With a specific sofware, which works with 3D programs, it is called ClinChek, Doctora Saurina will do a plannification of our treatment and will demonstrate the future movements and the finally result.

Invisalign ® uses see-through material alienation you can “put and take off” and it is personalitzed to every patient. Invisalign has to be changed each 2 weeks for anothers which can adapted to the new dental position.

With this sistematic system we improve progressively the dental position, since to the maximum result.

Invisalign ® is indicated in a determinated group of pacients, because invisalign ® can’t make the same movements like fixed orthodontic techniques.

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