A tooth implant is a titanium root that is surgically placed in the jawbone under local anaesthetic. Subsequently, after a healing and osseointegration period, a prosthesis or cap is attached.

Replacing missing teeth with implants has many advantages:

  • It does not damage neighbouring teeth.
  • It maintains the bone raised, avoiding collapse.
  • It restores lost functions and aesthetics.

The large experience in Clínica Saurina and its results guarantee the placing of quality implants.

If aesthetics so require, the prosthesis can be inserted the same day.

We offer the possibility of surgery under conscious sedation, which prevents the patient from realising the time taken or the pain caused by the intervention, eliminating anxiety and possible discomfort.

The least invasive surgical technique is used wherever possible, without incisions or stitches, with the possibility of computer guided surgery in some cases.

We are experts in advanced elevation techniques when there is little bone volume for placing the implant, such as the traumatic Summers’ technique, the Balloon technique…

In cases of low bone volume in distal extremities, we use the “all on four” technique, which enables fixed prostheses to be inserted on only four implants, using the anterior part of the jawbone.

For all cases, whilst the treatment lasts, the patient should never suffer aesthetically and will be able to lead a normal life (temporary prosthesis).

Clínica Saurina has one of the most innovative techniques and potential of the regenerator dentistry today, in cases of low amount of os for the placement of implants, you get patient’s own cells (stem cells) in order to obtain a natural regeneration, which provide us a bone tissue of much more quality than conventional techniques that are based on the materials treated at the same time it does not have problems related to the rejection of foreign body; In addition the regeneration is not only óssia but includes the gum tissue around, getting a better aesthetic.

The absence has dental complications such as the various extrussió of the antagonists, the inclination of the veines pieces, as well as the absorption of the bone that will no longer receive any stimulus of strength. Once the patient is a great period in this situation, the implants may not be placed unless you increase this os. On the one hand we have the conventional os increase, which involves placing bone and collagen membrane (in the case of guided regeneration) or placement of cells with the patient’s own plasma centrifugades membranes (guided natural regeneration). On the other hand there are complementary techniques to resolve most situations involved as in the case of the upper jaw, where the bosom is neumatitza, we can make lifting this bosom (raising the membrane) and placing quoted material. In addition to other options such as “split crest,” ballon technique, etc.

In the case of little bone in the distal ends, we use the attachment of 4 implants in the central bone to support a prosthesis

Those patients who are carriers of removable denture complete, there is the possibility of fixing this to implants, to avoid the mobility associated with implants, reducing the number of unitary prostheses and implants required.

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