We are pioneering in Girona in buccal treatments with laser.
It is laser of diode that allow us optimize the treatments minimizing the annoyances of the patient.
We use them in surgeries: With the laser bistoury that does very clean incision and favoring the coagulation of the wound; indicated particularly in medicate patients with adiro, sintrom and other anticoagulants. We can, also, disinfect the wound post-extraction teeth reducing the back annoyances and speeding his curing.

To periodontics: allow Us do periodontics desinfectation during the treatment, thanks to the Emundo (specific disinfectant), actuated with the laser, totally painless.
In cases of fistulas can disinfect and eradicate the fistula avoiding the surgery
To implantology: Allow to connect the pillar to the implant of painless and total way accuracy. Treat the periimplantitis. In cases of surgery with pendant, would do the previous disinfection, in order to ensure the disinfection.
In endodontics: Allow to disinfect the pipes and treat pieces
In pathology of the ATM: it can relax the temporomandibular joint reducing the pain and treating the trismus or decrease of the mouth opening.
Desensitize The teeth, to the mild the pain of the aphthas and herpes reducing the time of curing.
Mean a very important advance so much in results and in comfort of the patient (without annoyances neither pain).

In the frenectomy surgery allow us to realize them without incisions neither suture, with the maximum comfort of the patient and with immediate recovery.
Resection Of cysts, warts, benign tumors…

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    Before Cirugia After

To dental esthetics: we use him to treat excess of gum, pigmentations realizing a gingival peeling. We do gingivectomy and coronary elongations.

Allow to do whitening without sensitivity after the treatment.

Confident with the pioneers in Girona in Surgery

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