Endopeel o retensioning skin

Endopeel or retightening the skin is a technique designed by Dr. Alain Tenenbaum, a pioneer and innovator in the field of aesthetics, introducing the possibility of conservative elevation, thus avoiding more aggressive surgical procedures.

The technique attempts contarrestar the aging effect of muscle fibers, which due to the stresses suffered throughout the years, just lengthening the muscle, making it impossible to perform a proper function and stress, leading to sagging tissues surrounding .

Using the cabròlic acid and arquidònic, these fibers contract, recovering natural muscle tonicity, retensionando skin with a lifting noninvasive from 100% resorbable and therefore a medically safe product, although temporary effect (3-4 months)

The result of tightening muscular looking skin rejuvenation, with the objective face, arms, neck, nose … and buttocks, unique technique of lifting these muscles, the only alternative is surgical.

Saurina clinic has participated in international conferences and has learned the technique of Dr. Alain Tenenbaun own, having gone to look for the original source for knowledge and mastery of the unique and rigorous technique.


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